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By Michael Leyton

How do constructions shop info and event of their form and shape? Michael Leyton has attracted huge cognizance together with his interpretation of geometrical shape as a medium for the garage of data and reminiscence. during this book he attracts particular conclusions for the sphere of structure and development, attaching basic significance to the advanced courting among symmetry and asymmetry. Wie können Gebäudeformen Erfahrungen und Inhalte speichern? Leyton hat eine viel beachtete neue Theorie der geometrischen shape entwickelt. Er interpretiert
die geometrische shape – im Gegensatz zur gesamten culture – als Informations- und Gedächtnisträger. In vorliegender Darstellung zieht er die spezifischen Konsequenzen davon für den Bereich der Architektur und des Bauens.

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There are major branches of arithmetic: algebra and topology. Algebra is the learn of constructions of mix; while topology is the research of local constructions. Reflectional symmetry belongs to the 1st department, and curvature belongs to the second one. therefore, on form, symmetry is built throughout areas, while curvature is measured inside a zone. Reflectional symmetry is a discrete estate, while curvature is a tender estate. even though there's a basic distinction among symmetry and curvature, a deep hyperlink used to be proven among the 2 in a theorem that I proposed and proved within the magazine machine imaginative and prescient, images, snapshot Processing. This theorem may be an important step in our argument: SYMMETRY-CURVATURE DUALITY THEOREM (LEYTON, 1987): Any part of curve, that has one and just one curvature extremum, has one and just one symmetry axis. This axis is pressured to terminate on the extremum itself. the concept may be illustrated through Fig. 2. four. at the curve proven, there are 3 extrema: m1, M, m2. for that reason, on 27 determine 2. four: representation of the Symmetry-Curvature Duality Theorem. determine 2. five: 16 extrema indicate 16 symmetry axes. the part of curve among extrema m1 and m2, there's just one extremum, M. What the theory says is that this: simply because this portion of curve has just one extremum, it has just one symmetry axis. This axis is compelled to terminate on the extremum M. The axis is proven because the dashed line within the determine. it's necessary to demonstrate the theory on a closed form, for instance, that proven in Fig. 2. five. This form has 16 curvature extrema. as a result, the above theorem tells us that there are 16 distinct symmetry axes linked to, and terminating at, the extrema. they're given because the dashed strains proven within the determine. 2. four The interplay precept With the Symmetry-Curvature Duality Theorem, it now turns into attainable to take advantage of our primary rules for the extraction of heritage from form: the Asymmetry precept and the Symmetry precept. during this part, we use the Symmetry precept, and within the subsequent, we use the Asymmetry precept. The Symmetry precept says symmetry within the current is preserved backwards in time. discover that which means symmetry axes needs to be preserved backwards in time. In my earlier 28 study, i've got proven that this happens if the approaches run alongside the axes. the result's the next rule, which has been corroborated largely in either form and movement belief: interplay precept (LEYTON, 1984): Symmetry axes are the instructions alongside which strategies are hypothesized as probably to have acted. 2. five Undoing Curvature version even though the interplay precept tells us that the techniques should have acted alongside the symmetry axes, it doesn't let us know what the tactics really did to the form. For that, we needs to use the Asymmetry precept, which states that, in working time backward, asymmetry is got rid of. within the current case, the asymmetry to be thought of may be distinguishability in curvature; i.

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